Health Practices are your everyday actions, thoughts, and emotions that impact your mental health and wellbeing. Consistent with the whole-person model of Portages, there are 12 Health Practices that are aligned with your Four Worlds of Living. 

Each unique Portage provides an easy to follow lesson on what to practice daily to develop the skill that will lead to mastery of a specific Health Practice and improve your Wellbeing in all 4 Worlds of Living and overall.

Your Profile is used to identify which specific Health Practices you have the greatest immediate opportunity for improvement. It also selects specific Portages for you to use to improve your skills and help you develop a regular health practice. 

Internal World

Health Practices to Regulate Emotions, Thoughts, and Stress

  1. Soothe Practice: Being Calm and Managing Your Emotions
  2. Think Practice: Having Positive, Hopeful and Helpful Thoughts  
  3. Rest Practice: Renewing Your Energy, Being Well Rested, and Getting Good Sleep  

Physical World

Health Practices to Promote Optimal Physical Health and Boost Mood

  1. Hydrate Practice: Drinking Enough Water and Staying Hydrated  
  2. Nourish Practice: Eating Healthy  
  3. Move Practice: Being Physically Active  

External World

Health Practices to Enhance Social Relationships and Productive Behaviors

  1. Express Practice: Listening to Others and Expressing Yourself Well 
  2. Connect Practice: Having Positive, Healthy and Meaningful Relationships  
  3. Activate Practice: Being Responsible and Successful at Home, Work and/or School  

Spiritual World

Health Practices to Cultivate Contemplation, Purpose and Meaning, and Living According to Beliefs

  1. Observe Practice: Being Thankful, Accepting, and Living in the Moment  
  2. Seek Practice: Doing Things That Give You Meaning and Purpose 
  3. Believe Practice: Using Your Values and Beliefs to Guide How You are Living