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Our Culture

Praestan is a Mental Health and Wellbeing company who Cares! We developed a whole-person, precisely personalized solution to achieve optimal mental health and wellbeing. We are committed to Uniting patients with their Practitioners and Practitioners with their patients to Revolutionize care as usual! Praestan Health empowers optimal mental health and health equity for people everywhere, guiding them on their journey to feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled

Leadership Team 

Operations Lead/Chief Operations Officer 
Chief Data Scientist 
Financial Lead/Chief Financial Officer 
Talent Manager 
Support Lead/Senior Executive Assistant 

Clinical Team 

Psychiatry APRNs 
Psychiatric Nurse 

Marketing and Sales Team

Marketing Lead/Marketing Team Manager 
Product Lead/Chief Product Officer 
Implementation Project Lead 
Content Lead 

Customer Service Team 

Communications Lead 
Information Technology Lead