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Employers and unions everywhere are experiencing the burden of meeting the mental health needs of their employees and members. Individuals suffering with depression, anxiety or substance abuse have high rates of absenteeism and presenteeism and have significantly higher total healthcare costs. Portages Health offers a tremendous direct care solution to ease the burden and meet the needs of your employees and members with better access to better care.

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Enroll in the Portages Digital Clinic Direct Care Option

Your employers or union members can have a Portages Digital Clinic exclusively dedicated to meet the behavioral health needs of ALL employees / members and their families

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  • Enrolling your workforce or membership in the direct care option of the Portages Digital Clinic gives ALL of your employees / members direct and exclusive access to the Portages Mobile app and a dedicated Portages Digital Clinic 
  • This provides a population health solution for promoting the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce or membership with a continuum of prevention, early intervention, and treatment services   
  • Employers and unions benefit by improving the mental health and wellbeing of their employees / members which in turn increases productivity and reduces total healthcare costs
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Give Employees / Members a FREE Portages Mobile App

As part of the direct care option, ALL of your employees / members get the secure and private Portages Mobile App for their personal use

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  • Using the Portages mobile app, your employees / members receive a personalized mental health and wellbeing self-care program derived from the Portages Way 
  • They can track their own progress and are guided in the app to periodically update their self-care program
  • The app also identifies employees / members who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse and alerts them that participation in the Portages Digital Clinic may be beneficial 
  • With the push of a button in their app, employees / members can seamlessly self-refer to the Portages Digital Clinic to receive behavioral healthcare services for depression, anxiety, or substance abuse 
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Give Employees / Members Direct Access to the Portages Digital Clinic

You get a dedicated team of therapists, psychiatry providers, and coaches who provide extraordinary behavioral healthcare for your employees or union members and their families through the Portages Digital Clinic  

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  • Employees / members continue working on their Portages self-care program
  • They also complete a digital clinical assessment in their mobile app and participate in a telehealth intake session with a Portages practitioner to determine what program offered through the Portages Digital Clinic is the best fit   
  • Thereafter employees / members can participate in a coaching program to enhance wellbeing or either an outpatient or intensive outpatient program to treat depression and anxiety or substance abuse
  • All face-to-face services are provided through telehealth sessions 
  • See the Portages Digital Clinics for more details
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Use an Administrative Dashboard

Administrators can use de-identified aggregated workforce or membership population data to better understand that population’s mental health and wellbeing needs and enabling proactive strategies to meet them

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  • You get de-identified population displays of clinical data from digital clinical assessments and whole-person self-assessments to evaluate population needs
  • You get de-identified population displays of engagement data regarding app usage and Portages Digital Clinic services attendance to evaluate population services utilization  
  • You can use this population data to improve decision-making and planning for population-wide mental health and wellbeing promotion efforts  

Promote Your Employees / Members Mental Health and Wellbeing

You can encourage ALL of your employees / members to prioritize and actively work on improving their mental health and wellbeing

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  • Report population-wide data to improve awareness and motivate employees / members to work on mental health and wellbeing   
  • Use the ideas and language of the Portages Way to encourage your employees / members to work on their mental health and wellbeing 
  • Hold population-focused seminars/webinars based on Portages Way mental health and wellbeing strategies

waypoint For Your Employees / Members – Provide every employee the Portages Mobile App and allow them to be self-guided and self-refer to a dedicated Portages Digital Clinic for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems.

waypoint For Your Primary Care Providers – Provide primary care providers in your Direct Primary Care Clinics the Portages Primary Care app to monitor patient progress, and seamlessly refer to the dedicated Portages Digital Clinic

waypoint For Your Leaders – Guide leaders to understand workforce mental health and wellbeing needs and make informed decisions using population-based data.

waypoint Your Portages Digital Clinic – Your dedicated Portages Team of psychiatry providers, therapists and coaches are dedicated to your population of employees or union members and their families.