For Practitioners
Enhance your care, optimize your practice, and simplify your life!

For Practitioners
Enhance your care, optimize your practice, and simplify your life!
Developed by practitioners for practitioners, Portages is the evidence-based assessment and health improvement toolkit you have been searching for. Portages is designed to simplify your practice by doing the hard work for you. Synthesizing the best practices from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more, you can feel confident you’re giving your clients the best tools available.  The unique integration of behavioral change and habit formation science sets Portages apart from other toolkits. Use our whole-person approach to health and wellbeing to provide your clients with the best paths leading to their best outcomes. You work hard for your clients and Portages works hard for you!

For Practitioners Including…

  • Psychologists, Therapists

  • Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Physicians, Healthcare Providers

  • Care Managers, Social Workers

  • Health Coaches

The Value of Portages


Ready to get started?

Begin your journey using the best of behavioral and habit change science!

How It Works

Invite Your Clients

  • Inviting your clients to use Portages is easy
  • Enter their name and email and an invitation will immediately be sent
  • Your clients will receive an email with a link to register and begin the process

Meaningful Self-Assessment

  • Every good assessment is an excellent intervention. Our self-assessment and Portages Guide boosts readiness, builds on strengths, and tailors focus on specific opportunities change
  • Portages’ assessment measures 4 areas – Wellbeing, Health Status, Health Practices, and Readiness
  • Receive notifications as soon as your clients complete the self-assessment to stay updated

Simplify With an Enhanced  Dashboard

  • The dashboard provides you with meaningful data at a glance
  • Understand your clients current status and see changes over time
  • Dashboard functionality also include search bar, sorting clients’ needs based on measurements, and early identification of clients with greatest needs

Reduce Your Preparation Time

  • View and download client reports quickly
  • Stay in the loop with minimal effort – Dashboard view of  self-assessment results, current Readiness Plan, and Portages your client is currently working on
  • Know where your clients need to focus before they walk in the door

Leverage Data

  • Review Guide with your client to enhance engagement, rapport, and follow-through
  • Track client progress continuously, rerouting your plan as needed to improve outcomes
  • Use client data to emphasize where you want your clients to focus

Continuously Updated

  • Clients are automatically prompted to reassess at regular intervals providing you with updated data
  • Current readiness level always at your fingertips saves time in session allowing you to target interventions that align with where your clients are at
  • Always have your clients working on the strategies that best fit where their current needs are

Plan for Practitioners


  • 20 Clients Unlimited Use
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Additional Client Packages Available


Is Portages HIPAA compliant?2019-06-19T11:59:30-05:00

The client and practitioner applications operate within a sophisticated unifying software platform, secured, encrypted, and meeting all HIPAA and data privacy requirements. The software facilitates, guides, and documents all facets of the health and wellbeing model. It allows for the specifications and delivery of screens, assessments, reports, dashboards, and learning aids. The consumer and practitioner interact within the same platform.

How do I use Portages for Practitioners?2019-06-19T11:57:09-05:00

Self-Guided with Practitioner Monitoring: For this option practitioners can recommend or prescribe that a patient independently uses Portages. The patient accesses the program through web, tablet, or mobile applications. The patient can then use all of the content, methods and procedures of the Portages health practice change model. The applications are designed and constructed to meet the highest standards of quality, dissemination methods, design, and functionality so that use of the technology is engaging, acceptable, and feasible. The patient uses the technology in a self-guided manner to receive guidance and scaffolding on health practices change within it. A patient can also link with one or more practitioners within the platform enabling them to receive updates and progress reports. Practitioners receive data from a patient’s panel and notifications and alerts on a patient’s status.


Collaboratively Guided with Practitioner Coaching: For this option a practitioner is linked virtually with the patient to work collaboratively through the patient’s health practice change journey. Similar to self-guided, practitioners receive data from a patient’s panel and notifications and alerts on a patient’s status. In addition, practitioners have the ability to dynamically update and modify a patient’s change plan and push updates instantaneously. The practitioner can push personalized instructions, reminders, and inspirations to the patient. They can also use Portages content and methods to augment in-person interactive encounters with the patient during routine care visits. In this way practitioners can provide additional scaffolding and support to a patient using Portages virtually and through face-to-face encounters.

Why should I use Portages for Practitioners?2019-06-19T11:55:36-05:00

Understanding Patients through a Whole-Person Self-Assessment

Using a Personalized Health and Wellbeing Profile to Create a Personalized Health and Wellbeing Plan

Getting Patients Ready to Change

Guiding Patients to Develop New Health Practices

Engaging and Monitoring Patients

What is included in Portages for Practitioners?2019-06-19T11:54:35-05:00

You will have access to a dashboard where you will be able to invite your clients to participate in the Portages self-assessment and view their results.

What is Portages for Practitioners?2019-06-19T09:45:57-05:00

Praestan Health has developed Portages, a self-guided health improvement program, designed to help patients change health behaviors and develop skills and habits, to improve their health and wellbeing. The Portages program provides practitioners a health improvement toolkit to offer to their patients in order to augment treatment and care. Patients can use Portages in a self-guided manner with practitioner encouragement and monitoring, or in a collaboratively guided manner with practitioner active coaching and monitoring.