Your Daily Journey is a personalized program for you to follow each day. You start by highlighting which of the three Portages if any you are going to do on that day’s journey.

Each time you complete your Portages Self-Assessment, a new personalized Daily Journey is created for you. Your Daily Journey includes the following:

Step In

Begin your Daily Journey by stepping in to rate your overall wellbeing over the last day.

Readiness Reflection

After you complete your Step-In, read your Daily Reflection and follow the message to think about how it applies to you and your personal Portages Journey.


You will receive three Portages for your Daily Journey, based on your Self-Assessment results, as opportunities to improve your Health Practices. Each day that you do your Daily Journey, you will customize that day’s journey by selecting which if any of the three Portages you will do. You can also choose past Portages or True North Portages for your Daily Journey instead of the selected Portages.

Step Out

You complete each Daily Journey by doing a Positivity Scan to identify positive emotions you experienced while doing your work. You will then rate your level of overall positivity experienced.