Busy primary care providers will benefit from Portages practice tools to identify, manage, and coordinate care for their patients struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. The centerpiece of this solution is a free, integrated suite of 3 digital apps for you as a primary care provider, your patients, and Portages practitioners that your patients may work with. These integrated apps use the same platform, program, and patient data for optimal collaboration at every point of patient care. Finally, you can experience meaningful primary care and behavioral health integration through Portages.

Collaborative Care diagram

Join Portages Collaborative Care

Your primary care clinic can enroll all of their primary care providers and all of their patients into the Portages Collaborative Care platform

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Use Numerous Practice Tools within the Primary Care App

Your free primary care app enables you to effectively monitor your patient’s progress and digitally collaborate with Portages practitioners

A video call on a computer and a phone open to the Portages app

Refer Patients to Behavioral Health Services

With the push of a button in your primary care app, you can seamlessly refer your patients to the Portages Digital Clinic to receive world class care for depression, anxiety, or substance abuse

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Support Your Patients Mental Health and Wellbeing Journey

You can encourage your patients as they work to improve their mental health and wellbeing by sending comments and nudges to them within the Portages mobile app.