Praestan Health is a Minnesota-based digital behavioral healthcare company made up of a group of highly passionate and talented clinicians, researchers, data analysts, and business professionals dedicated to transforming lives. Our name comes from the Latin word for “superior,” a nod to Lake Superior in our home state.

Our mission is to provide innovative behavioral health solutions integrating the full potential of technology to facilitate easy access to evidence-based clinical tools and services allowing individuals to take control of their own mental health and wellbeing.

After decades of clinical research and providing care, we now build science-based, precision-driven, and cost-effective digital health solutions for individuals, practitioners, health plans, colleges and universities, and employers to transform mental health and wellbeing.

At Praestan we are passionate mental health and wellbeing Visionaries, Adventurers, Explorers, Trailblazers, Outfitters, and Guides who care!

The Team Behind Portages

L. Read Sulik MD

Founder, Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychiatrist,
and Chief Executive Officer

Sulik is the Founder and CEO of Praestan Health, and the creator of Portages™.

A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Adult Psychiatrist and Pediatrician, Sulik has passionately and tirelessly pursued the vision, design, and development of innovations to improve health and wellbeing and integrate behavioral health. At Praestan, he continues the adventure, forging new paths needed to bring better mental health and wellbeing solutions to individuals, organizations and communities. 

Michael Bloomquist PhD, LP

Chief Clinical Scientist

Chief Clinical Scientist for Praestan Health and Co-Developer of Portages™.

Leads translation of research-validated coaching and psychotherapeutic methods, development of intervention protocols and measurements methods, quality assurance procedures, fidelity documentation methods, training practitioners, program evaluation research, writing publications, community presentations, and submitting grant applications.

Jessica McLawhorn, MA

Business Manager and Partner Relations Manager

Has served in project management, patient and clinical care coordination, practice management and administration roles in mental health and wellbeing clinical care. At Praestan, is committed to forging new paths needed to bring better mental health and wellbeing solutions to individuals, organizations and communities.

Desmond Walker, MBA

Data Analytics and Visualization Manager

Supports all aspects of Praestan business operations resulting in business and clinical best practices and expertise in predictive modeling, machine learning, PowerBI, Tableau, data analytics, data visualization, financial strategy, trend analysis, budgeting and forecasting. Known as a high-integrity, approachable, and self-motivated team player with affiliative and team-oriented leadership styles. Active community member serving in leadership and volunteering roles.

Mark Payne, BSBA

Chief Financial Officer

Experienced executive in a variety of industries, working closely with CEOs and other senior executives, primarily as CFO and COO. Authentic, practical and collaborative leader with strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate well at all levels both inside and outside of organizations. Very comfortable in high-growth, fast-paced environments by keeping focus on key initiatives and avoiding unnecessary distractions. Passionate about working with emerging businesses generally between $0 and $20 million in revenue.